Frequently asked questions

All questions are welcome. Here we post your frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Q: So, I see that the Borrin Foundation’s focus areas are the criminal justice system and family law. Will you fund in other areas?

Yes, we will fund in other areas that contribute to our vision. Our ‘initial’ strategic focus areas are the criminal justice system and family law. But these are not our exclusive focus areas. Please read the section on the Grants page about our 2018 Expression of Interest and Proposal process.

Q: Do you cover ‘university overheads’?

As a small, not-for-profit organisation, our grants do not cover ‘university overheads’. We apply this consistently across all universities. However, our grants will cover university staff salaries, and teaching ‘buy-outs’.

Q: Which costs are covered and which costs are not covered?

At this stage, we do not want to be overly prescriptive about exactly which project costs our grants can cover. We are happy to cover any costs as long as they are justified as necessary to the project. For example, koha, catering costs, travel costs, teaching buy-out, salary and wages may all be included as part of your project costs. Please bear in mind that your project costs are being funded from a registered charity and they should pass a test of ‘reasonable-ness’.