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Last updated: 21 October 2021

General policy

Thank you for visiting the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation website. We are committed to transparency, openness, justice and freedom—a philosophy that extends to the content on this site. Through a Creative Commons license, we encourage you to access the materials that foundation staff and grantees create and publish. This means you can share and repurpose much of what you see on www.borrinfoundation.nz, but not everything. While we are firm believers in openness, we also strive, whenever possible, to protect the rights of individual artists and their works.

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Works on our website that are not to be copied or reused:

Photos on the website cannot be used without prior permission. To enquire about permission to use a photo, contact us.

In addition, the following works cannot be copied or reused as they were not created by the Borrin Foundation:

Ian Borrin

Note: We acknowledge and thank Fairfax media for allowing us to use this photo.

Image credit: Fairfax/Stuff. Please contact Fairfax syndication if you wish to purchase this image.