Borrin Foundation-Community Law Fellowship

Applications closed 3 April 2023. The next application round for this fellowship opens March 2024.

Pool of funding available: $80,000

Lawyers working at Community Law Centres are invited to design their own fellowship in consultation with us and their host Community Law Centre. Proposals should build on the fellow’s expertise and allow them to pursue new directions. The cost of the proposal should match the fellowship needs.

The pool of funding may be awarded to one fellow or may be split between two or three separate individual Fellowships.


  • Lawyers working for Community Law Centres.
  • Lawyers who are passionate about Community Law’s and the Borrin Foundation’s vision and values.


How it works

  • It would allow the person to pursue an inquiry, pioneer solutions to legal issues, leverage their knowledge and contacts, travel and learn or undertake a course for professional development.
  • It is envisaged that the Fellowship will generally involve a full-time commitment for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, which can be spread over a longer period (e.g. two 3 month periods spent on the Fellowship over a 2 year period; alternative arrangements may be considered for the right candidate).
  • The Fellowship should help to grow thought leaders in the Community Law movement and develop and deepen their expertise and insights into a particular area or field.
  • The funding could be used for salary replacement while on leave without pay, project costs, travel around New Zealand or overseas, conference attendance etc.



  • Volunteers or voluntary board members of Community Law
  • General legal services
  • Operational funding for business as usual

Please also see our general grant exclusions.


Application dates

Applications open once a year in March. The dates for the next application round are:

Applications open: March 2024

Applications close: April 2024

Decisions confirmed: July 2024

Earliest fellowship could begin: August 2024


How to apply

To apply you need to prepare all your paperwork first, then submit this information through our online application. The proposal template and online application form will be available when we are accepting applications.

  1. Complete the Borrin Foundation – Community Law Fellowship Proposal template including your proposal and personal statement. This document should be no more than 7 pages with max 5 pages for your proposal and max 2 pages for your personal statement.
  2. Prepare your CV or resume (max 3 pages).
  3. Ask two people for permission for the Borrin Foundation to contact them directly to provide a written reference – you can use our template to request written references. For the Borrin Foundation – Community Law Fellowship, at least one of your referees must be someone within Community Law, which could include a current or past manager, co-worker, trustee or other.
  4. Once all your paperwork is ready, complete our online application and upload your proposal and CV as PDF files.

If you have any questions contact Oli at

Borrin Foundation – Community Law Fellows

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Community Law Fellow Sarah Barnaart

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Community Law Fellow Digby Livingston

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