Applying for funding

Below are the steps to seek funding from us:

  1. First check that your idea fits with our Vision, Guiding Principles, and Eligibility. Also check that your idea is not on our list of exclusions.
  2. If you believe your idea fits with our funding focus, submit a brief written statement of your idea and your expertise. This should be at least a paragraph and no more than one page. Please email the written summary of your idea to
  3. We will read your idea and respond to you within a month. We may ask for further information to determine if your idea fits with our funding focus.
  4. If we believe your idea fits with our funding focus, we will invite you to submit a proposal including a budget. We will provide a proposal template which you can use or adapt depending on your project.
  5. Your proposal will be reviewed at a Grants and Scholarships Committee meeting and the Committee will make the decision about whether to fund the proposal. These meetings take place every 2 months. Proposals must be finalised at least 3 weeks prior to upcoming meetings to be considered.

We receive more requests for funding than we can grant. Your proposal may not be accepted for many reasons and it is not necessarily a reflection of the quality or the effectiveness of what you do.