We support legal research, education and scholarship that contributes to our vision for Aotearoa New Zealand

We believe law is essential to a flourishing society – one that is just, inclusive, tolerant and free. Our vision is of an Aotearoa New Zealand where everyone understands the role and value of the law, and everyone enjoys the protection and opportunity that it provides.

2018 Grants & Borrin 'Do-ers'

We are the donor, but more important are the ‘Do-ers’ – these are the people doing important work to contribute to our shared vision for Aotearoa New Zealand. We are delighted to showcase the grant projects and people we have funded since our launch in 2018.

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About us

The Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation is a gift from the Borrin family to New Zealand. We're here to make a difference to the lives of New Zealanders, through the law. The Grants and Scholarships Committee leads the Foundation's philanthropic activities.

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Grant funding

Our vision lies at the heart of our grant-making. We do a mix of both ‘proactive grant-making’ and openly solicited grant applications. Learn more about how we fund, eligibility, guiding principles for our decision-making, and our terms and conditions.

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Research & Resources

Knowledge is power. It is also the only resource that increases with use. We're committed to sharing as widely as possible the research and results from our grantees' work. We'll also share what we're learning about philanthropy and effective grant-making.

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Grants – Highlights

Reframing crime and justice

How to talk about criminal justice reform in Aotearoa New Zealand: research and training to ensure an evidence informed public discussion

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Envisaging a solution-focused criminal justice system

Re-imagining a different future for people experiencing mental distress and/or addiction in our criminal justice system

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Creating just consumer credit law  

Creating just consumer credit law for people at risk from predatory, irresponsible and high-cost lenders

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Gender in the Legal Profession

Producing a solutions-focused report capturing ideas for how to stop sexual harassment and bullying in the legal profession

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