Borrin Foundation Travel and Learning Awards

Applications closed on 10 September 2021

Pool of funding available: $120,000

Travel and Learning Awards are available to support individual members of the New Zealand legal community to take up opportunities to learn from others, build networks and relationships, and investigate innovative ideas.

We seek to encourage legal professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand to seek out and bring back new perspectives, relationships, and skills to foster innovation in the legal profession and to make a valuable contribution in years to come.

12 awards of up to $10,000 each will be available per year.


  • Open to all legal professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand at all stages in their career. This includes members of the judiciary (current and retired Judges), lawyers in the private or public sector, legal academics, and postgraduate law students.
  • Legal professionals who are curious and passionate and have a lifelong commitment to justice and service.
  • Preference given to applicants working in under-resourced areas of law in New Zealand, or in our strategic focus areas of criminal justice and family law.


How it works

  • These awards give legal professionals the opportunity to travel overseas (or within Aotearoa New Zealand) to learn from others, share their learnings, investigate topics/practices that will benefit New Zealand communities, and build relationships and networks. While travel restrictions are in place for COVID-19, funding may also be used for participation in virtual conferences and events.
  • The award can be used to fund travel for 2-8 weeks to pursue a practical inquiry, to share knowledge, to build networks or to attend conferences, training or other professional learning opportunities.
  • Funding can be used for registration fees, and travel and accommodation costs including per diems if needed, and other travel related costs.
  • Prior academic achievement is not a pre-requisite.
  • Holding a practising certificate is not a pre-requisite.
  • Preference will be given to those who have shown a level of commitment in their area of work and have the potential to be change makers.



Travel and Learning Awards cannot be used:

  • As an academic research grant, unless the funding would allow something to happen that the academic would not otherwise be able to pursue.
  • To fund professional development that your employer has the resources to fund itself.
  • For study towards academic or professional qualifications.

Please also see our general grant exclusions.


Application dates

Applications open twice a year in March and August. The dates for the current application round are:

Applications open: 9 August 2021

Applications closed on 10 September 2021 (12pm on 3 September 2021 deadline extended)

Decisions confirmed: early December 2021

Earliest travel could occur: January 2022


How to apply

To apply you need to prepare all your paperwork first, then submit this information through our online application. The proposal template and application form will be available when we are accepting applications. 

  1. Complete the Borrin Foundation Travel and Learning Award Proposal template including your proposal and personal statement. This document should be no more than 5 pages with max 3 pages for your proposal and max 2 pages for your personal statement.
  2. Prepare your CV or resume (max 3 pages).
  3. Ask two people for permission for the Borrin Foundation to contact them directly to provide a written reference – you can use our template to request written references.
  4. Once all your paperwork is ready, complete our online application and upload your proposal and CV as PDF files.

If you have any questions contact Megan at

Recipients of Travel and Learning Awards

Travel and Learning Award for Ronji Tanielu

Travel and Learning Award for Ronji Tanielu

Supporting Ronji Tanielu to explore innovative and effective models, programmes and organisations working to improve access to justice and legal supports in different parts of the world.Ronji's plan "The Travel and Learning Award is a MASSIVE blessing for my aiga....

Travel and Learning Award for Julia Whaipooti

Travel and Learning Award for Julia Whaipooti

Supporting a talented Māori criminal justice reform leader to attend an Oxford conference.About the project Julia Whaipooti is a talented and emerging young Māori leader in criminal justice reform. She was invited to the University of Oxford December 2018 conference...