Women Leaders in Law Fellow Marnie Lloydd

This Fellowship is supporting Marnie to pursue the Women’s Leadership Development Programme offered by the University of Oxford and study towards the Heke Ahunga Tikanga (Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophy) offered by Te Wānanga o Raukawa.

Borrin Foundation Women Leaders in Law Fellowship

Marnie’s plan

The Fellowship will support Marnie to achieve two goals: pursuing the Women’s Leadership Development Programme offered by the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, and balancing this with further grounding in Aotearoa’s first laws by studying towards the Heke Ahunga Tikanga (Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophy) offered by Te Wānanga o Raukawa in Ōtaki. This plan for professional development reflects Marnie’s view that being an effective leader and mentor requires developing a palette of skills, i.e. continuing to develop as a whole person; interweaving the global and the local; acknowledging the strength in looking out and looking in, looking forward and looking back. This reflects her own professional background and vision of potential leadership and mentoring strengths. For Marnie, being able to discuss the realities of armed conflict and humanitarian endeavours, with some critical distance, provides a key service in bridging the international and the local; translating complex issues to make them meaningful to another audience. She hopes that her future teaching, research and engagement could lead over time to enhanced reflection on the role of law regarding violence, armed conflict, forced displacement and how we should respond to others’ suffering; on how international law related to armed conflict and humanitarianism is not just something ‘out there’ but also relates directly to a just, inclusive and tolerant society here at home.

About Marnie

Marnie Lloydd specialises in international law related to armed conflict, civilian protection, forced migration, foreign fighting and humanitarianism. Her current academic work at the Faculty of Law Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington builds on fifteen years in the international humanitarian sector, primarily working with the International Committee of the Red Cross. She has also provided expert legal consultation to the UNHCR and managed international legal research projects for the European Centre for Minority Issues. Marnie is an admitted Barrister and Solicitor and holds a PhD in international law (Melbourne). She is Associate-Director of the New Zealand Centre for Public Law and Co-Chair of ANZSIL’s International Peace & Security Interest Group, and serves on New Zealand’s IHL Committee,  Inter-governmental Working Group on Lethal Autonomous Weapons, and the Asia-Pacific Journal of IHL Board of Experts. Motivated at heart by a sensitivity to people’s suffering in armed conflict and a curiosity about their agency and resilience, Marnie is interested in underlying questions about violence and the law. Her current research focuses on questions of solidarity and neutrality, violence and non-violence, in how states, armed groups, organisations and individuals respond to conflict and suffering.

Grant Amount

$9,342 in 2022-2024

“Returning to Aotearoa New Zealand after a long time working internationally, it is very meaningful to me to feel heard, understood, encouraged and invested in by The Borrin Foundation and colleagues in the legal profession here at home. I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to applying what I learn to my future projects.”

– Marnie Lloydd