Tulaga Vae 2023

Tulaga Vae means a space to stand and feel empowered and connected. The programme aims to promote Pacific people working in the Family Law space.

About the project

Tulaga Vae is a foundational legal training programme that aims to inspire Pacific law graduates, lawyers and support staff into the Family Law space. The content delivered is our views on best practice and cultural competency. The programme also provides a platform for Pacific professionals to share their career journeys in Family Law. We aim to increase Pacific peoples working in the Family Law space to ultimately create better outcomes for our Pacific communities using the Family Court.

Grant amount

$70,000 in 2023

About Tulaga Vae Limited

Sao Timaloa and Kristy Morgan are the directors of Tulaga Vae Limited. Both are family law practitioners based in Manukau, Auckland.


For more information visit www.tulagavae.co.nz or email tulagavae@gmail.com