Travel and Learning Award for Drew Buckley

Supporting Drew Buckley to attend the Innocence Network Conference and visit the California Innocence Project and engage with other organisations.

Borrin Foundation Travel and Learning Award

Drew’s plan

Miscarriage of justice law in Aotearoa is still in its infancy and Drew’s Travel and Learning Award will be used to learn from those that have led the way in this field. Drew’s plan is centred around attending the 2023 Innocence Network Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The Conference presents a unique opportunity to engage with other lawyers, investigators, experts and exonerees dedicated to rectifying and preventing miscarriages of justice. The Innocence Network is a coalition of organisations dedicated to preventing wrongful convictions and exonerating the innocent through pro bono legal and investigative services. Member organisations, such as the Innocence Project, have led the way in addressing wrongful convictions for decades. While in the United States Drew will also visit the California Innocence Project and engage with other criminal justice and Innocence focused organisations. While these organisations primarily focus on specific miscarriage cases, they also advocate for change within their criminal justice systems, a role that has parallels to the systemic work that is a secondary function of Te Kāhui Tātari Ture. The trip also presents an opportunity to learn from organisations that have developed working relationships with local universities to learn how to best utilize those resources.

About Drew

Drew Buckley is currently the Pou Ture | Legal Manager at Te Kāhui Tātari Ture | Criminal Cases Review Commission. He is originally from Hamilton and completed his LLB locally at the University of Waikato before moving to Whangarei following the completion of his studies. Drew began his career at Community Law Taitokerau | 155 Whare Āwhina before working for a number of government organisations including the New Zealand Police, Ministry of Social Development and Oranga Tamariki. He found his passion in the criminal law and returned to Hamilton in early 2021 to take up the opportunity to work for Te Kāhui Tātari Ture. He was appointed to his current role in May 2022. At the end of 2023 Drew is beginning a LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Edinburgh.

Grant Amount

$7,500 in 2023 to support travel

“I am beyond grateful for the Borrin Foundation’s support. It has opened doors for me to learn from and connect with those that have fought against wrongful convictions for decades. It’s an incredible opportunity to broaden my knowledge and grow professionally.”

– Drew Buckley