Te Kaunoti Hikahika: Towards an inclusive legal pedagogy for Aotearoa New Zealand

About the project

The Borrin Foundation and JR McKenzie Trust are jointly funding New Zealand Alternative to progress work on constitutional education. The grant provides funding for a series of wānanga, which will build a community of practice around education for constitutional transformation. Inspired by Matike Mai, the series will be developed in conjunction with academics, artists, activists, and educators. As well as building relationships and shared understandings, the wānanga series will lead to the development of a pedagogy and strategy for ongoing constitutional education. The project is called ‘Te Kaunoti Hikahika’ and will be funded for two years.


Grant amount

$225,750 over 2 years for work in 2021 – 2023

The JR McKenzie Trust and the Borrin Foundation have equally contributed to this grant.


About New Zealand Alternative

New Zealand Alternative is an organisation advocating for a progressive role for Aotearoa New Zealand in the world, which believes constitutional transformation is necessary domestically if Aotearoa New Zealand is to promote progressive and Indigenous-centred positions with integrity on the global stage.



New Zealand Alternative