2023 Sir Kenneth Keith Lecture

The Sir Kenneth Keith lecture is held concurrently with the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL) Annual Conference on the years that it is hosted in Wellington.  

About the project

Sir Kenneth Keith is one of New Zealand’s preeminent scholars in public and international law. ANZSIL brings together the region’s leading thinkers and practitioners in all spheres of international law. The conference is an opportunity to build understanding of New Zealand’s interests in international law. 

The lecture allows the public as well as practitioners and the academic community to be better informed about the important role that international law plays in New Zealand’s legal system. Sir Kenneth gave the lecture on the first occasion. 

The 2023 lecture was presented by Professor Tim McCormack. (The lecture was presented via Zoom due to unexpected illness preventing travel). Professor McCormack’s lecture was an opportunity to consider the role of International Criminal Law in light of the Burnham, Brereton and Haddon-Cave Inquiries and the criminal investigation currently being undertaken by the Office of the Special Investigator regarding War crimes in Afghanistan. 

Grant amount

$8,365 in 2023


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Professor Lee Godden, Dean Faculty of Law