Report: Online Legal Information Self-Help in Aotearoa: An agenda for action

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Online Legal Information Self-Help in Aotearoa: An agenda for action

Publication date: December 2020

Authors: David Turner and Bridgette Toy-Cronin

This report reviews international experience in the development of online legal information and self-help (OLISH) provided by government, community organisations and social enterprises. It uses this experience to examine how OLISH might best be deployed in Aotearoa New Zealand to help narrow the justice gap. It also examines the context and processes that have driven the development of OLISH in other jurisdictions and how this experience might apply in Aotearoa. The research and report were co-funded with the NZ Law Foundation.

Also see the University of Otago Media Release: Power to narrow the justice gap in the palm of our hand?

Related Borrin Foundation Grant: The Borrin Foundation provided co-funding to NZ Law Foundation grant Online Legal Information in Aotearoa which supported the second OLISH (Online Legal Information and Self-Help) Forum in October 2020 and this report. The Borrin Foundation also supported the inaugural OLI (Online Legal Information) Forum in July 2019.

For more information see the website (Online Legal Information and Self-Help in Aotearoa) – a place for not-for-profit makers and providers to learn and connect so more people in New Zealand can solve their legal problems with better online tools.