Pasifika and the Criminal Justice System in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Past, Present and Future

​About the project

This project is about Pasifika and New Zealand’s Criminal Justice System (CJS) – past, present and future. It specifically looks at the issue of overrepresentation and what individual, structural and cultural determinants contribute to this phenomenon. However, and more broadly, the research aims to capture the experiences of Pacific peoples in the CJS both as offenders and victims, as well as those working in the system. The research is approached in accordance with Pacific research methodologies and values, recognising the importance of communal relationships, reciprocity, holism and building research capacity for Pacific legal scholarship.

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For more information see the Pasifika and the Criminal Justice System project website.

Grant amount

$264,226 over 18 months (from January 2021)



Litia Tuiburelevu is a Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law. She currently teaches the elective paper ‘Pasifika Peoples and the Law: Critical Perspectives’ with a focus on critical race theory and minority rights. She also oversees the Pacific Academic Support Programme. Prior to working at the University, Litia was a solicitor at Meredith Connell.



Litia Tuiburelevu, Professional Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland