Borrin Foundation-Community Law Fellowship 

Pool of funding available: $80,000 

Early to mid-career outstanding lawyers working at one of the 24 Community Law network’s centres are invited to design their own fellowship in consultation with us and their host Community Law Centre. Proposals should build on the fellow’s expertise and allow them to pursue new directions.  The cost of the proposal should match the fellowship needs.

The pool of funding may be awarded to one fellow or may be split between two or three.


  • Early to mid-career outstanding lawyers (5 years+ experience) working at one of the 24 Community Law network’s centres.
  • Lawyers who are passionate about Community Law’s and the Borrin Foundation’s vision and values.


How it would work

  • It would allow the person to pursue an inquiry, pioneer solutions to legal issues, leverage their knowledge and contacts, travel and learn or undertake a course for professional development.
  • It is envisaged that the Fellowship will involve a full time commitment for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, which can be spread over a longer period (eg two 3 month periods spent on the Fellowship over a 2 year period).
  • The Fellowship should help to grow thought leaders in the Community Law movement and develop and deepen their expertise and insights into a particular area or field.
  • The funding could be used for salary replacement while on leave without pay, project costs, travel around New Zealand or overseas, conference attendance etc.



  • Volunteers or voluntary board members of Community Law


Application dates

Applications open: 2 September 2020

Applications closed 9 October 2020