WorkBot – Additional Functionality

Making information on employment law more accessible to New Zealanders through enhancements to the WorkBot chatbot.

About the project

‘WorkBot’ is one of three chatbots to be produced with Borrin Foundation funding. Workbot will answer questions about employment law such as being employed, working conditions, rights and protections for employees, and how to resolve disputes.  

This additional grant enables Workbot to incorporate the functionality of the Fairwork case-assessment app developed by Damon Ross. Damon Ross will work closely with Matthew Bartlett and Geoffrey Roberts from Citizen AI to produce an enhanced employment law tool for employees across New Zealand. With this addition, Workbot will not only provide tailored information to users but also produce assessments of cases and supporting documentation.

“This collaboration will bring together two complementary resources to result in a significantly enhanced tool for employees across New Zealand.”
– Geoffrey Roberts, Executive Director, Citizen AI

Grant amount

$55,000 over one year

About Citizen AI

Founded in 2018, Citizen AI Ltd is registered charity whose mission is to research, develop and promote AI. systems for public benefit. Citizen AI is owned by the trustees of the Community Law Centre in Wellington and is managed by its two directors, Matthew Bartlett and Geoffrey Roberts.

Contact person

Geoffrey Roberts  

Executive Director, Citizen AI