Educating for Change Together in the Legal Profession

Using curated content from an April 2022 online wānanga targeted at low decile high school students potentially interested in law, this project will produce an engaging, long-lasting and easily accessible video series to educate and inspire more diverse peoples to work in the law, while also encouraging existing lawyers to enable more socio-economic diversity in the profession.

About the project

The video series will showcase curated content from the April 2022 online wānanga focussed on low decile high school students potentially interested in working in the law. Run in collaboration with the WhoDidYouHelpToday charitable trust, MinterEllisonRuddWatts, Kāhui Legal, Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa (Māori Law Society) and the Pacific Lawyers Association, the three-day wānanga included over 42 presents from the judiciary, the profession, academia, and other industries. While the wānanga was attended by hundreds of students and members of the profession, many people sought access to video content given their unavailability to join online and/or their desire to share content. This project will contribute towards the goal of maximising the inspiring and insightful discussions at the wānanga and make such content more accessible for schools, law students, their families, teachers, professors and lawyers to utilise and educate for change in the legal profession.


Grant amount

$16,000 in September – December 2022.


About WhoDidYouHelpToday Charitable Trust

WhoDidYouHelpToday is about connecting people with opportunities to make a positive difference and drive positive change in our communities. The trust has three current initiatives including Homework Club which, among other things, is focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in workplaces such as law firms.



Maria Sopoaga, Solicitor, MinterEllisonRuddWatts and Executive Committee Member, Pacific Lawyers Association.

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