Community Law Fellow Sarah Barnaart

Sarah is one of the inaugural Borrin Foundation – Community Law Fellows. The Fellowship is supporting her to undertake a Master of Leadership for Development offered by the University of Melbourne.

Borrin Foundation - Community Law Fellowship

Sarah’s plan

Sarah is undertaking a Master of Leadership for Development through the University of Melbourne to grow her leadership skills. She is completing this study part-time while working as Practice Manager at 155 Community Law Taitokerau.

Sarah understands the importance of strong leadership qualities for those who work within our system of justice; positive leadership (or conversely negative leadership) can impact the experience of those interacting with the justice sector, particularly the most vulnerable in our community. 

Sarah is undertaking this study to help her work towards being the best leader possible. It is her hope that if she can be an exceptional leader in the law, that it will guide and inspire those she works with to pursue a career focused on social justice, and to encourage them to be good leaders themselves when the time comes. The ripple effect of positive and strong leadership will help in the fight for a just society and strengthen the justice sector in Aotearoa.


About Sarah

Sarah was admitted as a Legal Practitioner to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory on 28 July 2009. She currently holds the position of Practice Manager at 155 Community Law Taitokerau. Sarah has worked as a lawyer in Australia, the United Kingdom and Aotearoa, New Zealand. Sarah moved to Aotearoa, New Zealand in 2017 to work as a Crown Prosecutor in Te Taitokerau until her recent move to Community Law in August 2020. Sarah is a passionate and capable lawyer, who has the unique skill set of being a technically competent professional as well as being driven to serve her community to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.


Grant Amount

$30,462 in 2021-2023

“When one is an excellent lawyer, the path of promotion necessitates taking on more senior roles which require not just an aptitude in the law but also require taking on more management and leadership tasks. I need to have the best skills in my kete to empower those who either need a voice or need help finding their own voice.”

Sarah Barnaart