Article: Dignity and Mana in the “Third Law” of Aotearoa New Zealand

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Dignity and Mana in the ‘Third Law’ of Aotearoa New Zealand

Publisher: New Zealand Universities Law Review

Publication date: 2021

Authors: Mihiata Pirini and Anna High, Faculty of Law, University of Otago

This article describe the authors comprehensive overview and critique of the use of the term dignity within New Zealand law. It explores the many ways in which dignity is used in contemporary case law and legislation. The authors also critique the associations being drawn between mana and dignity and suggest that use of the terms mana and dignity fail to examine the conceptual differences between the two terms. They further suggest there is potential for a new third-law concept of dignity to develop: one that is unique to Aotearoa.

The research was co-funded with the New Zealand Law Foundation.

Also see the authors’ article in the Spinoff, Dignity and mana in Aotearoa law.