2019 Grant Summary

A summary of the grants we awarded in 2019 including grants that were co-funded with the New Zealand Law Foundation.


Grants we awarded in 2019

Darryn Aitchison Travel Grant
Purpose: To support travel to Australia and the US to learn from thought leaders and social justice lawyers.
Amount: $10,000
Recipient: Darryn Aitchison


Drug Law Reform – international visitors and series of events
Purpose: To support the international visitors and a series of events about drug law reform in New Zealand in 2019
Amount: $8,000
Recipient: NZ Drug Foundation


Olivia Hyland Travel Grant
Purpose: To support a law student, to travel to the USA to attend the Forum on Criminal Justice in September 2019.
Amount: $3,250
Recipient: Olivia Hyland


He kokonga ngākau: community legal education on sentencing in Courts 
Purpose: To support a nationwide series of community legal education workshops on s27 of the Sentencing Act (and its related provisions in the Sentencing Act).
Amount: $66,700
Recipient: Auckland University of Technology


Legal Design Hackathon
Purpose: To support a Legal Design Hackathon in South Auckland
Amount: $18,000
Recipient: Rochelle Furneaux


Legal Information Forum 2019
Purpose: To support the the holding of a forum to discuss national efforts to provide online legal information to the public
Amount: $3,000
Recipient: University of Otago, Legal Issues Centre


Pacific Lawyers Association Conference 2019
Purpose: To support, through underwriting, the Inaugural Pacific Lawyers Association Conference in 2019.
Amount: $33,000
Recipient: Pacific Lawyers Association


Leah Davison Travel Grant
Purpose: To support Leah Davison to attend an international Therapeutic Jurisprudence conference; as well as visit UK, USA, Australia to learn from practical examples of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in action (including therapeutic courts).
Amount: $19,000
Recipient: Leah Davison


Publication of Correction: Life in the New Zealand criminal justice system
Purpose: To support the publication, book tour and speaking engagements for Asher Emanuel’s book on the New Zealand criminal justice system.
Amount: $20,000
Recipient: Bridget Williams Books


Correction – Life in the New Zealand Criminal Justice System
Purpose: To support writing a general audience, non-fiction book about contemporary experiences of New Zealand’s criminal justice system.
Amount: $62,240
Recipient: Asher Emanuel


Evaluation of the Special Circumstances Court
Purpose: To support an evaluation of the Special Circumstances Court
Amount: $95,400
Recipient: Malatest International


2019 Grants co-funded with the Law Foundation


Adversarial lawyering in the Family Court, is there another way to act
Purpose: To support research into the possibility of moving the Family Court away from adversarialism towards a wider view of lawyers’ ethical duties, encompassing children’s interests
Amount: $27,840
Recipient: Dr. Emily Henderson


Advice behind the wire: towards a national legal advice service for prisoners’
Purpose: To support an evaluation of the Canterbury-based Prison Information Service.
Amount: $11,000
Recipient: Community Law Canterbury


Chinese parties in New Zealand Courts: Issues and Challenges
Purpose: To support research into the issues and challenges faced by Chinese litigants and witnesses in the New Zealand court system.
Amount: $30,000
Recipient: Superdiversity Institute for Law Policy and Business


Crossover Children – Scoping study
Purpose: To scope a research project about young people who cross from care and protection to serious offending.
Amount: $11,500
Recipient: The Henwood Trust


Expert Evidence about Memory in New Zealand Courts
Purpose: To support a project looking into the expert evidence about memory.
Amount: $26,250
Recipient: Suzanne Blackwell


Neurodevelopmental Impairment in the Criminal Justice System: Incidence, relative risk and pathways
Purpose: To support research about the incidence of neurodevelopmental impairment in New Zealand’s young adult population and in particular those with involvement in the criminal justice system.
Amount: $44,380
Recipient: Donald-Beasley Institute


Online Legal Information in Aotearoa
Purpose: To support the development of a knowledge base and collaborative framework for improving the quality and availability of online legal information in New Zealand.
Amount: $27,000
Recipient: Legal Issues Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Otago


Reforming Oceans Management
Purpose: To support a project examining legislative and administrative reforms to better manage New Zealand’s oceans.
Amount: $120,000
Recipient: Environmental Defence Society